Gtek Automation Also Offers:

1. Wire Harnesses for our OEM Air, Vacuum & Water Pumps.
2. Tube Assemblies.
3. Now In Stock: Micro Water Pumps.
4. Ask us about our Overstock on 12VDC 3-Way Solenoid Valves & 20 InHg Vacuum Pumps that are Available at Discounted Prices.
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Applications Include Air Sampling, Analytical Devices, Blood Pressure Monitors, Clinical Diagnostics, Cosmetic Therapy, DNA Analysis, Drug Delivery, Micro Fluidics, Nebulizers, Portable Aspiration, Sterilization, Surgical Devices, Vacuum Hold Down, Vascular Therapy, Wound Aeration and Many Others.
* Voltage: 6, 12 and 24 VDC, 110 and 220 VAC.
* Pressure: Vacuum to 100 PSI.
* Open Flow Air Output: 0.04 to 12.50 CFM (1 to 350 LPM).


Our line of Panther Ultra Silent Compressors from Werther International are the only choice when quiet, dependable, and compact design is a must. Each compressor is built with quality in mind, and comes equipped with powder coated air tank, pressure switch, 1-micron air filter, regulator, and pressure gauges for completely automatic and trouble free operation. When operating under full load this line of exceptionally quiet compressors offers tremendously low noise levels starting from 30 db/A.


The outstanding performance of our "Panther Oil Free Compressors" from Werther International are available in multiple configurations, makes them the ideal choice of compressors, when quiet, dependable and clean air is a must. Each compressor comes assembled on a powder coated air tank and includes a 5-micron moisture filter. To complement an outstanding line of oil free compressors, we offer a line of Air Dryers, Pre-coolers, and Air Filters.


TPC Pneumatics mission is to provide Alternative Pneumatic Product Solutions to Users and O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customers. Servicing the medical, electronics, packaging, food and specialty machine manufacturing industries we offer a broad line of modern design, high-quality pneumatic components at very competitive pricing for your production equipment and machine applications.
Products Include:
* Actuators.
* Directional Control Valves.
* Air Preparation Units.
* One Touch “Push In” Fittings, Tubing & Accessories.
* Vacuum Equipment.
* Accessories.


FasTest Inc. manufactures Fast Connections Tools for Pressure, Leak Test and Filling in Manufacturing Applications. All FasTest products are designed to speed manufacturing processes by improving your speed, productivity, quality and safety.

A complete line of fast, safe and reliable quick connectors for:
* Pressure and leak testing.
* Processing utilizing fluids or vacuum.
* Medical devices.
* Appliances.
* Automotive manufacturing.
* Heavy duty hydraulic equipment.
* Calibration.


TM Electronics manufactures automated, high technology leak testers, leak & flow testers, and package testers. High resolution, repeatable, and downloadable, TME test systems span the range of leak and package testing needs for the food, medical device, industrial and pharmaceutical industries.
* Multi-port, sequential or concurrent leak testers.
* Seal strength and leak integrity testers meeting ISO-11607 guidelines, all in one instrument.
* Ethernet connectivity available to allow data to be transmitted from the instrument to a LAN.
* RS-232 download capability standard on all instruments.
* Custom engineered non-destructive test systems for closed products or non-porous sealed packages.
* Program and data storage and statistical analysis package standard on all instruments.