Air Filtration

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1. Automatic Air Filtration Kits For Air Compressors.
* Air Filters for Removal of Particulate Matter, Oil Mist & Condensation.
* Eliminates the Daily Maintenance of Manually Draining Fluids from Filters Bowls.
* All Filters have Automation Drains that are Plumbed to a Fluid Collection Bottle.
* Fluid within the Collection Bottle is Clearly Visible and is Drained as Needed.
* Designed for any Air Compressor with up to (4) Oil Lubricated Heads or Oil Free with up to 7 CFM Air Displacement.
* Larger Flow Air Filtration Kits are Available.
* For Best Results, Compressor should be Located at the Point of Use.
* Custom Air Filter Kits Available Upon Request.
2. Point of Use Air Filtration Kits. (Custom Air Filter Kits Available Upon Request)
* Includes: 1/4″ Tube Fittings, Lock Out Valve, Filter Regulator, Coalescing Filter, Ambient Water Separator w/Mounting Bracket, Fluid Collection Bottle with Mounting Bracket, and 10 ft of Tubing to Plumb the Air Filters to Fluid Collection Bottle.
* Includes: 1/4″ Tube Fittings, Pre-Coalescing Air Filter, Desiccant Dryer, Post-Coalescing Air Filter, Mounting Brackets and 10 feet of 1/4″ Tubing.

3. Refrigerated Air Dryers.
* Air Flow Rates: 10 – 175 SCFM.
* Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant.
* Plug & Play Design for Easy Installation and Operation (PRD10 – PRD125).
* Robust Timed Solenoid Drains Equals Improved Reliability (PRD15 – PRD175).
* Oversized Condensor to Operate in Ambient to 122 Degrees F (50 Degrees C).
* All Models Incorporate a Dewpoint Indicator.
* Extremely Compact Footprint.
4. Desiccant Air Dryers (Regenerative Type).
* Air Flow Rates: MiDAS: 3 – 20 SCFM & MIDIplus: 24 – 176 SCFM
* Provide Efficient Removal of Water Vapour from Compressed Air.
* Delivered Air Quality is in Accordance with All Editions of ISO8573-1, the International Standard for Compressed Air Quality.
* Pressure Dewpoint’s of -40 Degrees F (-40 Degrees C) and -94 Degrees F (-70 Degrees C).
* Lower Dewpoints Eliminate Corrosion and Inhibits Growth of Micro-Organism.
* Simple to Install and Easy to Maintain.