TM Electronics Launches New BT Integra-Pack Package Tester (Jan. 2010)

TM Electronics, Inc. will introduce its new BT Integra-Pack Intelligent Package Tester at the MD&M-West Show in February. The instrument is designed to advance burst, creep, creep-to-failure, and pressure decay leak testing on a wide variety of packages into the next generation of automation and connectivity.

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The new tester, though applicable to all packaging-related industries, is particularly targeted toward the medical device packaging industry. Compliant to ASTM Test Methods F-2054, F-1140 and F-2095 as well as ISO-11607, the BT Integra-Pack’s advanced input-output functions enable connectivity to USB printers, PCs, and LANs for sharing data, and the instrument can be run remotely. When connected to a Flash drive, it can store virtually unlimited quantities of data. These connectivity and data-collection features facilitate obtaining and sharing information required by OEMs and FDA. The data storage security built in to the BT Integra-Pack make the instrument compliant to FDA CFR21 Part 11 guidelines.

The intelligent BT Integra-Pack will test almost any package automatically, as opposed to competing testers, which require the input of a number of test parameters associated with the package under test. However, its sophisticated nature is combined with a manual mode that allows the user to input parameters such as ramp rate control to address special configurations or types of packages or perform specific research and data-gathering activities. The BT Integra-Pack can perform seal strength testing on almost any type of medical packaging, including materials such as spun-bonded olefin (Tyvek®).

The high-resolution (0.001 psig) test instrument’s footprint is small, but it is robust and easy to operate via a touchscreen, icon-based, mouse compatible, menu-driven color display. Electronic ramp pressure and flow controls provide precise and repeatable test conditions; automatic and high flow output allows testing of large porous packages. The BT Integra-Pack can be programmed for four test modes including burst, creep, creep-to-failure, and pressure decay leak, and its seal strength testing applications include porous and non-porous materials, rigid or flexible, open or sealed packages.

TM Electronics, Inc. has been a leading provider of test instrumentation for over twenty years to the medical device, food, pharmaceutical and industrial markets around the world. The objective of the new BT Integra-Pack is to enable manufacturers to produce a package that’s equally as valid as the product enclosed.