Speed Connectors for Cost, Process & Quality Improvement of Medical Device Testing (Apr. 2013)

 For Testing of:
 • Tubes.
 • Luers.
 • Lumens.
 • Catheters.
 • Smooth Parts.
 • Threads.

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The FasTest ME and ML Series pneumatic sealing connectors are specifically designed to eliminate testing bottlenecks by quickly sealing a medical device for production testing. The ME Series instantly seal the OD of tubes, lumens, catheters or threads for pressure or vacuum testing, filling or flushing of liquids or gases. The ML Series are designed specifically for male or female style luer connections. The proprietary hold and seal design allows instant pressure or vacuum testing without twisting or turning and greatly reduces ergonomic related injuries. Many medical device manufacturers have made the switch from inadequate, unreliable jury-rigged test connectors to FasTest engineered test connector solutions to improve costs, process and quality.

All Medical Connectors Feature:
• Automated or manual operation in vacuum or pressure test applications up to 500 psi.
• Clear annodized aluminum construction.
• Assembled, tested and packaged inside controlled environment.
• White FDA Neoprene or FDA listed fluorocarbon main seals.

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