Product Update: JNL2 Series (Jan. 2012)

JNL2: Rugged Internal Lever-Action Connectors Withstand up to 750 psi, Providing Superior, Leak-Tight Tube Sealing.

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Manufacturers of equipment such as HVAC-R, coil and heat pumps rely on reliable, leak-tight connections for charging, evacuating and pressure or vacuum testing. For instance, to ensure efficient performance of split system HVAC-R units, manufacturers must perform several tests throughout the manufacturing process. Utilizing durable lever-action connectors featuring easy grip-and-seal technology allows secure, repeatable sealing of straight, expanded or stepped tubing.

Implementing proper testing is crucial to ensure leak tight systems and to protect the Seer Rating once the system is functioning. Equipped with an access port that allows operators to easily introduce the appropriate medium, internal lever-action connectors deliver fast and safe sealing for helium testing, dunk testing, pressure decay and run testing. During helium testing, the helium is introduced through the connector into a sealed system; operators run a helium-detecting device, typically a Helium sniffer, over the joints to identify whether any helium is leaking. Dunk testing also uses lever-action connectors to act as a plug for pipes. Air is then introduced through the access port and the pipes are dunked into water; any bubbles that develop signify the presence of a leak.

Internal lever-action connectors can also be used for pressure decay applications and run tests. Once a plug is formed with a lever-action connector and a medium is introduced, pressure decay testing is used to monitor the system for any negative changes in pressure overtime, which can signal the possibility of a small leak that may not have been found with the other tests. These connectors are also ideal for performing run tests, which are used to ensure the system works properly. By placing the internal lever-action connector into an open pipe, effectively sealing it, and turning on the machine, run tests enable manufacturers to quickly decipher any potential operation deficiencies prior to distribution.

For continued testing reliability, advanced lever-action connectors provide superior gripping power over alternative connectors. Featuring an innovative safety design, these connectors are equipped with pressure-assisted griping collets that prevent accidental disconnects during high-pressure applications, withstanding up to 750 psi applications. Alternative connectors are susceptible to significant wear to rubber seals, resulting in reduced gripping capabilities and requiring frequent operator adjustments. For instance, conventional connectors may seal properly for 200 uses and then require operator adjustments to remain tight and secure. Then after 700 uses the connector may again need to be readjusted to work properly. Robust lever-action connectors require significantly less maintenance and no adjustment while providing consistent, secure connections throughout their extended life span.