Product Update: 60G Series (Jul. 2011)

60G Sleeve-Actuated Connection Devices

Advanced Sleeve-Actuated Connectors Provide Fast, Repeatable Connections for Multiple Fitting Styles without Thread Damage

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To ensure process consistency and regulatory compliance, industries relying on precision execution, including pharmaceutical/bio pharmaceutical, water and wastewater, aerospace and instrument manufacturing, require frequent calibration or functional testing on equipment containing pressure gauges or transmitters. Obtaining accurate calibration and testing results are crucial for maintaining process reliability. However, achieving secure, leak-tight calibration and testing connections with conventional connecting methods requires the use of thread sealant and the application of significant torque. Further, this traditional method often creates connections that may leak, or thread damage and/or equipment damage due to over-tightening or contamination from the tape sealant.

For exact calibration and pressure testing results, innovative sleeve-actuated connectors provide the desired repeatable, leak-tight connections—and fast. Sleeve-actuated connectors are secured by inserting the fitting on the unit under test into the connector and pushing the latching sleeve forward. Equipped with pressure-assisted sealing technology, this method ensures dependable connections to multiple thread profiles, without causing thread damage. By eliminating time-consuming, labor-intensive wrenching and taping required by other connectors, sleeve-actuated connectors’ easy installation can reduce calibration time by approximately 80 percent over traditional methods.

To accommodate a wide range of demanding applications, sleeve-actuated connectors are rated for pressures up to 750 psi, and their robust design and stainless steel construction provide increased durability and longevity—making them ideal for high-pressure calibration and harsh processing environments. Offered in a wide range of sizes, sleeve-actuated connectors provide better compatibility with common industry fitting styles, including NPT, single or double ferrule compression, and AN 37 degree flare fittings. The connectors are also compatible with the FasCal hose system allowing quick swapping from one size or style to another. For even greater efficiency, advanced sleeve-actuated connectors can be mounted onto a manifold system for a repeatable, cost-effective calibration solution for applications with multiple fitting styles and sizes—calibrating up to four devices simultaneously.

Their sophisticated features and quick-connect capabilities allow sleeve-actuated connectors to provide a wide range of benefits for diverse industry applications. For instance, industries that require pre-commissioning instrument calibration, such as pharmaceutical or bio pharmaceutical, can implement sleeve-actuated connectors for accurate results and faster commissioning, providing a quicker return on investment. Quickly and easily calibrating gauges and transmitters with multiple fitting styles allows instruments to be commissioned faster—resulting in quicker profit realization. Further, equipment downtime in bio pharmaceutical processing plants is extremely costly. Each hour a bio pharmaceutical bioreactor is out of production can result in thousands of dollars in lost revenue. The compact size of sleeve-actuated connectors allows connections to be made directly on bioreactors, for fast, easy calibration without causing thread damage—preventing equipment repairs or replacements and minimizing expensive production downtime.