Fastest Introduces FasMate FN Series Connectors. (Oct. 2011)

Innovative Connectors Creates an Instant Connection to Threaded Ports.

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What makes the FN product innovative?
Although the concept of the connector is not new relative to the product we distributed in the past there are some distinct advantages with this new FasMate series of connectors that are innovative.
– The modular back end of the connector allows you to quickly change the actuation method from automated pneumatic to thumb valve to lever operation.
– The simplified design allows for field maintenance and repair rather than having to return the connectors to the manufacturer so the cost of ownership is significantly reduced.
– The FasMate connectors cannot be removed under pressure accidentally or intentionally. The comparative model we distributed could not claim this safety feature.
– With design and development being done domestically instead of from our international supplier of the past, we have been able to lower the price barrier to the end customers and significantly reduce lead times for products.

How did the idea for FasMate come about?
The patent for the technology was filed several years ago but we continued to distribute another product during that time. When a new opportunity presented itself in the metrology and calibration market in 2009 it was decided to refine the product and introduce one connector model for connections to transmitter manifold ports. The need for lower cost and lead times were driving forces to develop for that application.

How long has FasMate been in development?
The development has been at least one calendar year for the full product line (currently 54 different connectors) that is now being introduced to the general manufacturing audience.

What has the response been so far?
Response has been very positive from our sales representative thus far since the introduction in mid September. We have also had some nice opportunities where manufacturers have taken a number of these FasMate connectors prior to the official launch and used them in their manufacturing processes.

Can you cite specific examples of customers or applications FasMate has been used for?
As mentioned before we introduced one special connector for the metrology and calibration market in July of 2009 at the NCSLI show and with an official press release in 2010. This early launch gave us the market experience to launch a broader offering. We currently have FN product placed with manufacturers of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, pressure transmitters, aerospace and others. Specific customer examples can be provided upon request.

Product Description:

FasTest’s patented squeeze lever actuation and split collet design of the FasMate FN Series connector provides an instant connection that can significantly decrease the time needed for pressure and vacuum testing, filling, flushing and performance testing. The squeeze lever / split collet operation uses no thread sealant, no wrench tightening and will not damage the port threads. Rugged design for production use, the FN offers the following actuations methods: Squeeze lever, pneumatic pilot or pneumatic thumb valve. Offered in body size ranges from 1 to 4, covering thread sizes from 1/8” to ½” NPT.

• Test media pressure – Vacuum to 5,000 psi.
• Sealing range – Threaded ports from 1/8” NPT to 1/2” NPT. Also, metric, BSPP & SAE.
• Main seal material – Buna-N.
• Host material – Stainless steel wetted parts. Anodized aluminum top housing.
• Termination port – NPT female.
• Operation methods – L = Lever. V = Thumb valve. P = Pilot.
  • Minimum pilot pressure is 80 psi.

• Main Seal Materials.
  • Standard is Buna-N.
  • Standard options are Viton & EPDM.

Competitive Advantage
FasTest developed and patented an improved instant connector for female threaded ports. The FN has many benefits over the currently offered 17 Series and T Series connectors.
1) FasMate FN is 100% American made.
• Improved deliveries.
• 10% to 24% price reduction.
• Fast service / repairs.

2) FasMate FN improved design.
• Field tested for 2+ years.
• New lever design eliminates pin and linkage. Often susceptible to failure.
• Improved internal seal design.
  • Field repairable with common tools.
  • Kits readily available and competitive price.
• New design replaces 2 current 17 Series.
  • Operates from vacuum to 5,000 psi.
    • 17 Low psi version – 0 to 750 psi. Non-dynamic flow only.
    • 17 High psi version – 750 to 5,000. Non-dynamic flow only.
• New design replaces the current T Series for dynamic flow applications.
• Extended front housing permits use in tighter confines.
• Patent protected.
• Safe.
  • Will not separate from port inadvertently in static or dynamic applications.
  • Pressure assisted sealing locks connector to port.
    • Lever version, extremely difficult (impossible) to release above 250 psi media pressure.
    • Pneumatic version will not release using 90 psi pilot pressure and 150 psi media pressure.

3) FasMate FN is available for all standard thread styles.
• NPT from 1/8” to ½”.
• SAE from -4 to -8.
• Metric from M10x1.0 to M22x1.5.
• BSPP from 1/8” to ½”.
• Additional sizes available in the near future.
• Current offering represents 94% of sales of this style product.

4) FasMate has 3 style of actuation.
• Squeeze Lever. “L” – Simple, straight forward operation.
• Pneumatic Thumb Valve. “V” Easy, ergonomic thumb button. When depressed, allows insertion / removal of connector from port.
• Pneumatic Pilot – Requires a separate air valve. Desired for application require freedom of movement of technicians hands.

Pricing Comparison:
1/8 NPT FNL022021 $495.00 – 24% Savings.
17H-40202-021-1BB0 $651.10

1/4 NPT FNL042041 $495.00 – 24% Savings.
17H-40204-041-1BB0 $651.10

3/8 NPT FNL062061 $567.00 – 14% Savings.
17H-40206-061-1BB0 $663.05

1/2 NPT FNL082081 $632.00 – 10% Savings.
17H-40208-081-1BB0 $701.95