Fastest’s New LuerMate MLL2001 & MLH2001 for Female Luers. (Feb. 2015)

High & Low Pressure LuerMates for Female Luer Connections!
* New Manual or Automated Applications for Medical Device Manufacturing

The NEW LuerMate MLL2001 & MLH2001, compact pneumatically actuated sealing connectors for
all types of female luer fittings in applications such as:
* Quick connectors provide a fast, ergonomic, and reliable connection.
* Manufactured from stainless steel and clear anodized host material.
* Medically cleaned and assembled within our controlled environment to ensure superior quality and performance.
* FDA approved seals for use in clean room testing environments.
* Field repairable.


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MLL2001 Low Pressure (Max 10 0 psi) & MLH2001 High Pressure (Max 500 psi)

Manufacturing Applications:
* Leak/Burst Testing
* Balloon Pleating/Folding
* Heart Valve Crimping
* Stent Crimping