FasTest Integrates Connection Verification into Medical Leak Test Connector (Apr. 2018)

ME01 with Connection Verification Reduces Product Scrap Caused by False Failures

FasTest, Inc. has integrated the latest generation of its Connection VerificationTM technology into their ME Series quick connectors used for leak testing of medical devices. FasTest’s Connection Verification technology utilizes sensors to monitor connection status and automatically signal to operators, through LED lights, when a successful connection has been made. By verifying the connections prior to starting a leak test, operators are able to eliminate waste and product scrap caused by false failures, and ensure quality throughout the leak testing process. The newest generation of Connection Verification allows customers to choose between three different output options – NPN, PNP and Analog – for seamless integration into their automated, semi-automated or manual leak test processes.

“False failures are the number one cause of waste in medical device leak testing,” said Dustin Sirny, Director of Advanced Technologies & Markets. “Many medical manufacturers simply throw away any product that fails a leak test; the problem is that the majority of leak test failures are due to a poor connection, not a faulty product. Our Connection Verification technology can reduce product scrap costs by up to 80% by eliminating false failures.” FasTest’s Connection Verification technology also allows process engineers and managers to collect process and testing data to drive lean practices throughout the leak testing process and to help ensure a safe product for end users.

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