FasMates Have It Covered! (May 2013)

 Have you received your May edition of the New Equipment Digest?

 The new FasTest FasMate FX Series for external threads press release was published by the industries best tabloid, NED. The FasMates  not only appear inside the edition, they also land a premium space on the May cover!

* Click on above Image for More Information. (Detailed Info on All Sizes Coming Soon)

Here it is!
FasTest Inc. introduces its FasMate FX Series of connectors for instant, repeatable connections to SAE and NPT external thread profiles. The FasMate FX Series standardizes operational processes and is available with lever, thumb valve and pneumatic actuation methods. These versatile connectors operate reliably in pressure and vacuum testing, media filling or flushing and performance testing applications.

Featuring a split collet design, the FX Series connectors lock securely in place without operator adjustment or the use of thread sealant and wrenches. Pressure assisted grip and seal technology prevents accidental disconnects during dynamic, high-pressure applications rated to 5000 psi. The modular actuation design allows quick change outs between lever and thumb valve styles. Plus, a rugged construction ensures connectors withstand harsh environmental conditions. The FX Series increases production throughput, reduces costs and improves process quality. Ready-to-use manual and automated tools accommodate high-volume testing production applications, and the connectors’ simplified design enables easy field-service and minimizes costly maintenance or downtime. Additionally, the elimination of wrenching and taping diminishes wear on the test piece and prevents media contamination.

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